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Nobska Remixes

by scutopus

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Herein lies a collection of remixes exclusively made with my foghorn field recordings found on "Nobska". It begins with subtle, textured beauty, ends with epic majesty, and in between takes you on a journey past marine pirate radio stations, creepy octopus' gardens, a deranged jellyfish dance party, and a sea monster or two. We've got some solid beats, some tonality bordering on melody, and plenty of delicious dark drone. Even with the intentionally limited source material these remixes have a variety I would not have imagined, yet thanks to the same limit they cohere well.

***If you, too, would like to remix Nobska's foghorn field recordings, you may. I would like to keep this going as long as there is interest. Use *only* Nobska as source material, manipulate it however you like. Make it available online for free download with a link back to this page. Let me know it's up and I'll add a link to its page from right here. Have fun! I look forward to what may come.

The first post-release remix is in! In fact, it had been finished way before the release date, but due to a series of mishaps it had been lost until now. Enjoy "devolution" by underthetale: soundcloud.com/underthetale/20111206-nobska-4

And here is the second remix, done by Bodie, currently drumming with Infantephant, and who used to drum in (and remix) Time of Orchids. He has made a remix which might actually lead you to headnod. It also has some tasty tonal interactions. Check it out for yourself: bodiesremixpage.bandcamp.com/track/at-sunset-scutopus-nobska-remix

Two more remixes, this time from Classic Beats: Machinery remixer Tom Shad: one an atmospheric one with sense of space, and the other which has a lovely, glassy quality to it. tomshad.bandcamp.com/album/nobska-remixes

Check out the remixers' other works:

1. toddjonestv.bandcamp.com

2. www.mattwarren.com.au/mumblespeak.html

3. georgekorein.bandcamp.com

4. www.sonicbids.com/andneitherdoyou

5. terraneanrecordings.bandcamp.com

6. garlicwav.blogspot.com

7. scutopus.com
and right here!

8. concretefield.bandcamp.com

9. wounds.bandcamp.com


released July 18, 2012

Released on World Listening Day 2012. More information here: www.worldlisteningproject.org?p=1551

Photography by Mark Stone.
Layout by Wendell Edwards, assisted by Santos Ballan.

Thank you: all those who contributed; Mark for the initial idea, image, and input; Todd for the input, output, and circuitry; the Terranean Recordings crew; the U.S. Coast guard for the fog horns.

Co-released by scutopus & Terranean Recordings




scutopus Massachusetts

"The diet is not known; fecal material contains organic (?) crystals and perhaps sediment particles. The radula morphology suggests that the diet is particle-size dependent, possibly detritus." -Scheltema 1981.

Aplacophoran by Chuck Stern.
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